‘The Narendra Modi government is a terribly vindictive one’

Sharad Yadav speaks about building opposition unity, his dilemma in Karnataka, his concern for Lalu’s health, the death of Nitish Kumar’s credibility and the difference between Vajpayee and Modi.

⦁ This Karnataka election is historic. The BJP has to be defeated.⦁ I am in a bit of a dilemma in Karnataka, because both H D Deve Gowda and Siddaramaiah are my friends.

⦁ I have always done the job of uniting the Opposition parties whether in the United Front or NDA. I will continue to do that for the UPA

.⦁ BJP has allowed people like Ananth Kumar Hegde to speak against the Constitution.

⦁ Our Constitution stands for composite culture

.⦁ Nobody recognizes anti-BJP, anti-Congress Federal Front of the Telengana Chief Minister K Chandrashekara Rao. You can’t have a Third Front. It doesn’t work in the situation that we are in currently.

⦁ Congress should be part of the Opposition unity effort. Mamata Banerjee has also made it clear.

⦁ Nitish Kumar’s credibility is finished. Whatever he tries to do nobody will take him seriously.

⦁ Nitish Kumar backstabbed the secular cause and also me, personally. He took away all the assets of the party that I had put in a lot of effort to build over the years.

⦁ I have resigned many times in the past, but this time they expelled me. Venkaiah Naidu, behaved, surprisingly, in a partisan manner.

⦁ This is a vindictive government. They have completely put aside the established political values of this country.

⦁ Laluji’s health is of concern to me. It was not correct to bring him to Delhi through train when he was so unwell. He has diabetes and has had a heart operation.

⦁ The difference between Modi and Vajpayee is like the difference that exists between the earth and the sky; between nothingness and the summit. They are opposites, and Modi is an anti-thesis of Atalji.

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