The Mandate

Election results can be difficult to digest, especially if a party which doesn’t have the mandate forms the government. Harish Narsappa explains the first-past-the-post system and its alternates

Harish Narasappa

The Mandate is a three-part series by Harish Narasappa on the history of the two dominant electoral systems: first-past-the-post system and Proportional Representation system, and its implications in India.

Narasappa is a lawyer and a member of the Karnataka Election Watch and the National Election Watch.

Episode 3

Will the Proportional Representation method work in the political climate of India? Narasappa highlights the challenges towards incorporating this method in the Indian electoral system, and the need for a national debate on the same.

Episode 2

Why did the drafters of our constitution adopt the first-past-the-post system? Can the Proportional Representation system solve India's electoral problems? Narasappa answers these questions in the second episode of The Mandate.

Episode 1

In this episode, Narasappa talks about the differences between the first-past-the-post system and the Proportional Representation system used for conducting elections.

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