Happyness: Life lessons from a creative addict

India’s leading anti-drug crusader, Dr Yusuf Merchant, explains the concept of happiness and how we can achieve it in our lives

Yusuf Merchant
Happyness: Life Lessons from a Creative Addict

Dr Yusuf Merchant has been working for the rehabilitation of people with mental health issues like substance abuse and depression for over thirty-five years. He is the president of the Mumbai-based Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation & Research with a very high success rate. His unique treatment has been successful for patients from India, the UK, the US, Belgium, Mexico, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Maldives. He is an affiliate member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2004.

Dr Merchant’s book Happyness-Life Lessons from a Creative Addict was published this month by Westland books and is already a bestseller. It ranks No.4 on the Nielsen Book Scan.

In a series of podcasts, exclusive to SouthWord, Dr Merchant explains the concept of happiness and how we can achieve it in our lives.

Episode 6

How do we cope with the randomness that is inherent in the world around us? Events, environment and people are all outside our realm of control and the key to happiness is to find a certainty from within. Dr Yusuf Merchant tells us how to do this with three simple exercises.

Episode 5

What is the meaning of life? A loaded question that many of us wonder, sometimes even ask aloud, but mostly shelve for another time. The answer to the meaning of life and the meaning of happiness is one and the same, says Dr Yusuf Merchant as he takes us through his experience of finding a suitable answer to this unique query.

Episode 4

"If you plant a chikoo seed, you will not get a mango tree," says Dr Merchant, emphasising the significance of self-fulfilling beliefs in our journey towards achieving happiness.

Episode 3

It is a complicated idea that happiness is a choice. Why would anyone chose to be unhappy, you might ask. Dr Yusuf Merchant stresses on cultivating gratitude and finding your own inner compass towards happiness.

Episode 2

How do you define happiness? Surely, we all have our own definitions. A great family, a new car, a promotion, a home. But here are three ways Dr Yusuf Merchant describes happiness - happiness is contentment with what we have, happiness is a byproduct of a good value system and happiness is a choice. Surprised? Listen to episode 2 of Happyness to know more.

Episode 1

Dr Yusuf Merchant searched 40 years for happiness. Before telling us where and how he found it, he tells us where he didn’t.

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