T M Krishna on Reshaping Art

Carnatic artist and the author of ‘Reshaping Art’ TM Krishna talks about his experiences as an artist subverting the customs and practices of an art-form mired in caste and gender prejudices

TM Krishna

Episode 1

TM Krishna talks about the Carnatic music culture he grew up in and calls it an 'undeniably brahminical culture'. He talks about the conflation of caste, gender, religion and art. Can you really separate these entities, should you separate them, and why?

Episode 2

TM Krishna believes art belongs to the public space rather those places that exclude some from partaking in the artistic experience. In this context, he speaks about the Urur Olcott Kuppam Vizha, one such experiment he is associated with. The fishing village in the heart of Chennai has hosted an arts festival for the past four years. Art should facilitate larger conversations, Krishna says, talking about how the Vizha may have helped in the village getting a much-needed sewage system.

Episode 3

TM Krishna talks about the complexities of creating exchanges between artists, musicians particularly, of different communities, caste groups and genders. He talks about the depersonalization that one goes through when in the grip of an overwhelming art performance. Finally, who has the power to reshape art? Everyone, says TM Krishna.

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