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Celebrated TV presenter, actor and author Anu Hasan on her life experiences, and how to maintain a positive outlook

Anu Hasan

Episode 15

Gratitude strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and reduces symptoms of illness. Anu Hasan compares a person's attitude to a muscle. The more you exercise your 'positivity muscle' with gratitude and positive thoughts, the stronger your ability to remain grateful and positive, even during difficult times.

Episode 14

Keeping commitments, while sometimes stressful, has well established perks, but did you know that it is also an important tool towards self-esteem? Anu Hasan tells us how keeping our commitments can teach us about ourselves, our failures and our relationships, in episode 14 of Sunny Side Up.

Episode 13

At some point or another, each one of us gets compared to someone else - someone more successful than us, smarter than us or better looking than us. Anu Hasan shares her stories on being the subject of innumerable comparisons, and tells us how she sailed through them without denting her self-esteem.

Episode 12

Moments of hurt and disappointment are inevitable in life. Our success in navigating relationships during such times depends not on the number of battles we fight and win, but on how much bitterness we choose to harbour, says Anu Hasan on episode 12 of Sunny Side Up.

Episode 11

"Anyone who knows my family background, knows that I have not been as prodigious an actor as some in my family. I am not as rich as some of them, I am not as good looking as some of them or as clever as some of them. But despite this, I am very confident of my place in this world..." Anu Hasan tells us about the source of her self-assured happiness in this candid episode of Sunny Side Up.

Episode 10

"As long as I wasn't breaking the law, there was nothing wrong in being different. There is nothing wrong in doing something that other people aren't doing. All that matters is whether you are happy and content", says Anu Hasan urging us to live our lives on the the strength of our own convictions and not others' expectations.

Episode 9

How often have we heard the statement, "Oh we all make mistakes, it's ok"? But do we always believe that? Some of the mistakes we have made in the past shame us and often come back to haunt us with refrains of 'if only' and 'how I wish I hadn't'. Anu Hasan talks to us about her experiences of coping with her past mistakes.

Episode 8

What do you do when a plan, a life goal that you worked on doesn’t materialize the way you intended it to? Anu Hasan tells us about some plans that she has made in the past and how she deals with the disappointment of not being able to fulfill them.

Episode 7

The search for happiness is a journey we are all on in our own unique way. Anu Hasan shares 8 lessons from her life that have helped her stay happy- some obvious, and some unexpected.

Episode 6

To be able to laugh at your mistakes is to learn without fear, says Anu Hasan, as she goes back in time to remember a valuable lesson she was taught by a 12 year old girl.

Episode 5

Living in the present, for most of us, is easier said than done. Anu Hasan reminds us that happiness is where we chose to find it, and when we do find those crystals of happiness, we must hold it to the light and admire it, even if just for a few seconds.

Episode 4

Amidst the daily bustle, a simple act of greeting your building security guard, or a heartfelt thanks to your waiter could do wonders to improve your day as well as their’s. Anu Hasan talks to us about the joys of small courtesies.

Episode 3

We have all met people who are habitually discouraging, mean or toxic in one way or another. If we are lucky, they are people who are passing through, although many times they could be part of our family or a workmate. This week, Anu Hasan shares some pointers on dealing with toxic people.

Episode 2

In this day of transient relationships, distant families and sporadic friendships, kindness and empathy are qualities we need more than we ever did, says Anu Hasan on the second episode of Sunny Side Up.

Episode 1

Less than two weeks ago, social media was abuzz with expressions of shock and mourning over the death of beloved superstar Sridevi. Embedded among these expressions were remarks on her body, her facial features and on the choices she made on her appearance.

In the first episode of Sunny Side Up, actor Anu Hasan makes a case for body positivity by telling us about her recent encounters with body shamers.

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