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Food technologist and writer KC Raghu on health, nutrition and sustainable food practices

K C Raghu

Episode 5

Fat as a food group has a bad reputation. However, just like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, fats serve important functions towards a healthy body, specifically a healthy brain. K C Raghu shares some science on fat, types of fat and different sources of fat to help us make right choice when selecting foods from this vital group

Episode 4

How did potato growing on the lakeside of the Andes in South America spread to the rest of the world? Did potato contribute to Europe's industrial revolution? Is potato really compatible with the Indian diet? In this episode, KC Raghu educates us about the humble but inimitable potato.

Episode 3

Many have a complicated relationship with sugar. However, a lack of restrain and willpower may only be slightly to blame the next time you find yourself succumbing to the dessert counter. Ancestry, genetics and childhood practices play a key role in food habits, especially when it comes to consuming sugar.

Episode 2

How can we improve our eating habits? What should we keep in mind when shopping for a new diet plan? KC Raghu reminds us to escape the propaganda of carbohydrate crusaders and millet marshals, and seek a sustainable and diverse food habit.

Episode 1

Why is it important to think of food beyond calories and taste? There are many reasons according to KC Raghu: how we produce and consume our food affects the ecology and moulds our culture and heritage.

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