‘I never felt power in his company, I felt love’

On Rajkumar’s birth anniversary, veteran journalist and SouthWord editor Sugata Srinivasaraju marvels at how a young artist from the Gubbi Drama Company became a giant Karnataka icon and a superstar


01:30 On Rajkumar’s influence on the language, people and culture of Karnataka
03:23 How Rajkumar became a part of the Karnataka sub-nationalism movement
07:39 On Rajkumar’s family and background
09:17 On Rajkumar’s off-screen personality being an extension of his on-screen Bhaktha image
14:48 On Rajkumar’s singing talents and accolades
16:33 On Rajkumar’s conscious decision towards distancing himself from politics
19:14 Sugata remembers his warm encounter with Rajkumar

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