India hasn’t resolved the guilt and forgiveness of Partition

Rahul Gandhi recently said he had forgiven his father’s assassins. Can his example trigger a discussion on forgiveness as a political value? A conversation with psychiatrist Sanjeev Jain | Part One

Highlights of the interview:

  • On how forgiveness guided European politics in the post-Holocaust era
  • How a quarter of a million people were killed in Partition riots in India and continue to be killed, but these killings are dismissed as cases of mob violence
  • On Indian failure to acknowledge the presence of guilt and hence there being no question of forgiveness
  • On the lack of a social debate on Partition led by the Indian intelligentsia in the middle of the 20th C
  • On how Indians continue to think of the ‘other’ as absolutely the ‘other’
  • On the inability to attempt understanding what it means to be a victim of mob violence
  • On not learning the lessons of Partition because there was no resolution of guilt and forgiveness at that time
  • On ‘Unity In Diversity’ being a lofty ideal that needs constant effort to keep it alive
  • On Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi’s processes of forgiveness
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