‘Stories have to challenge me, that’s how I make sense of life’

Actor Irrfan Khan has tweeted about a rare condition that has afflicted him, here we repost an interview he gave us a few weeks ago, in which he speaks about his integral approach to life and acting

He is a star alright but Irrfan Khan has shattered every steerotypical notion about Bollywood actors. Still, nothing prepared his fans for his Monday tweet in which he stated that his life has been a “suspense story” for the last 15 days. In a refreshingly forthright tweet, the 51-year-old announced that he's awaiting a conclusive diagnosis for a “rare disease”, the details of which he'll announce shortly and requested people to refrain speculation on the condition.

It had earlier been reported that the actor had suspended filming due to a case of jaundice. But minutes after his tweet, the news caught the attention of and aroused well-wishes from fans, followers, Bollywood peers, politicians and international media organisations, including the BBC. “I have never given up and have always fought for my choices and always will,” read a sentence in his Monday tweet. Whatever his condition may be, the actor's words reflect a resilient confidence.

It was the same confidence that the actor had displayed a few weeks ago when, talking to his mentor Prasanna for SouthWord., he spoke about his zest for finding new resources to draw on for his roles. “So I am stuck in this thing. But there is a constant effort to bring out yourself. I choose my stories in a way that they give me a chance to explore things. Where there is no reputation...I don't choose stories where I can rely on myself and produce the stuff. It has to challenge me, it has to make me look for something that I don't know. So that's my only way. That's the way of me making sense of this life,” he had said then.

Talking about activism, he said that the system didn't want people to voice their opinions. “The way things are going all around the world, it's very painful. So you want to do things...,” the actor had said in connection with playing an active role in social development. “...you cannot just look at things and be in your cocoon. What is your cocoon? There is no comfort in that.”

Perhaps. But now is the time for the actor to remain in a cocoon of comfort until he is on the mend.

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