Russia’s relationship with soccer: It’s complicated

Goal Click, hosted on Roads and Kingdoms, documents the story of real Russia — and Russians — through the lens of soccer

Three years ago, Goal Click set out to tell stories from across Russia to try to answer the: What does the real Russia look like. Working with local photographers from throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg to Volgograd, Goal Click: Russia documents the story of real Russia—and Russians—through the lens of soccer.

“The harsh nature of provincial Russia is displayed on the football pitches in the smaller towns,” says Sergey Novikov, who traveled across the country to document the world of Russian amateur football. “Life in most of these smaller towns is still like it was during the Soviet times.”

Read about the photographers’ experiences and watch their photos here.
(Photo: Sergey Novikov)

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