Podcast: How will Trump negotiate with North Korea?

US President Donald Trump will meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in a historic summit on June 12 in Singapore. The Washington Post’s Can He Do That? podcast on the meeting’s agenda

Expect the unexpected on Tuesday when US President Donald Trump prepares to sit down with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12. Both of these leaders have a tendency to go with their instinct. And so, who knows what kind of direction it could veer off into, either good or bad," says Carol Morello, who writes about diplomacy and the State Department for The Washington Post. "There is certainly the strong possibility there will be an element of surprise, despite all the very careful planning."

Trump has described the summit as a ‘meet-and--greet plus’ event and the White House too is downplaying it, says Morello. Listen to the full podcast here.

(Image: The Washington Post)

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