Watch | 958 drones create Time magazine’s special drone cover

Sarah Whittaker of Drone Below goes behind the scenes to see how the magazine cover, a world-first, was created

Time, has launched a special issue focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles and to celebrate the burgeoning world of drones have reproduced the magazine’s iconic cover in the air using 958 drones.

To create this world-first, spectacular magazine cover, Time’s creative team worked with the Intel Shooting Star drone team, who have previously conducted drone light shows at CES2018 and for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

The magazine’a creative director DW Pine explained the thoughts that inspired the cover. "Not only did we want the border and logo made out of thousands of drones but we also wanted to shoot that cover photo with a drone. In the history of Time, 95 years, we’ve never had a cover image that was shot by a drone camera," he said.

Watch the spectacular video below and then read about what went into making it here.

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