Japan’s favourite book on the courage to be disliked

The Courage to be Disliked by writer Fumitake Koga & philosopher Ichiro Kishimi has sold over two million copies in Japan. Olivia Goldhill in Quartzy on the surprisingly insightful book

We can all be happy if we so choose, says the philosopher, and so those who are not have chosen not to be. People with social anxiety intentionally create such emotions to avoid close relationships with people, and those who suffer from self-hatred—such as the youth in The Courage to be Disliked—find fault with themselves so as to avoid rejection. It’s an attitude the philosopher describes as follows:

Just find your shortcomings, start disliking yourself, and become someone who doesn’t enter into interpersonal relationships. That way, if you can shut yourself into your own shell, you won’t have to interact with anyone, and you’ll even have a justification ready whenever other people snub you. That it’s because of your shortcomings that you get snubbed, and if things weren’t this way, you too could be loved.

....The philosopher doesn’t say that the student should act in a nasty way or distance himself from others, but should, rather, have the courage to be disliked—which will lead to happiness.

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(Photo credit: Unsplash/Greg Rorem via Quartzy)

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