Generation P: A lifetime under Putin

Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia’s president for a fourth term on 7 May 2018. ‘The Moscow Times’ met 18 teenagers, born when he was first elected as president, to chronicle life under Putin

In 2000, when Vladimir Putin first became president, 1.3 million children were born in Russia.

This year, 2018, as that generation turns 18 and gains the right to vote, Putin has been reelected to another six years in power. His victory in March extends his rule over the country until 2024. By then, Generation P, the Russians who have only known life under Putin, will be 24 years old.

The Moscow Times crossed the country to meet eighteen of these 18-year-olds, document their memories of the past, impressions of the present and hopes for the future. Meet Generation P and read their stories here.

(Photo: The Moscow Times)

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