Podcast: Born to slave parents, she grew into a self-made millionaire

Listen to the extraordinary story of Madam CJ Walker, an American woman who grew up washing laundry as a girl to starting her own line of hair care products

Poorna Jagannathan reads the story of entrepreneur Madam CJ Walker, the first American woman ever to become a self-made millionaire, from the best-selling book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

"Once upon a time, there was an inventor and entrepreneur named Madam C.J. Walker. She was the child of slaves, the first in her family to be born free, thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation. As a child, she had to work in the cotton fields to help support her family. Later, as a teenaged orphan, she became a washerwoman, backbreaking work considered one of the worst and most difficult jobs a woman could have. But she dreamed of more -- for herself and her daughter."

Listen to the podcast here.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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