Watch: Brazilian surfs the biggest wave on record

Rodrigo Koxa had surfed the monster 80-foot wave at Nazare, Portugal in November 2017, but his feat was official recognised this weekend

Surfer Rodrigo Koxa was honored for creating a new world record for surfing a 24.4-metre (80-foot) wave at the World Surf League’s Big Wave awards for 2017 on 28 April. The Brazilian had created the record on 8 November 2017 at Nazare, Portugal, beating Garrett McNamara's 78-foot record, also caught at Nazare in 2011, by two feet.

“I had an amazing dream the night before where I was talking to myself, 'You gotta go straight down. You gotta go straight down.' I didn't really know what it meant,” he told surf website Surfline. “But I figured somebody was talking to me.”

Watch Koxa's record-shattering video here.

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