Social media addiction motivates the Chinese to master English

At a time when people seek validation through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, tech firms are relying on the social aspect to keep users hooked to their apps, reports the South China Morning Post

In a country where tens of millions of people want to advance their careers yet struggle to continue their learning, educational apps have increasingly leveraged social networking to create peer pressure and keep users going.

The Chinese e-learning market is expected to reach US$86 billion by 2022, up from roughly US$32 billion last year, according to a report published in January by market intelligence firm iResearch. But getting a slice of that multibillion-dollar market is not easy, as many of those who can afford online courses often feel too busy to take one.

“Mixing social networking with lessons is the way to go,” Zhao Nan, a partner at the international venture capital firm Vertex Ventures in Beijing, says. “Otherwise, it is just too difficult for adult learners to keep to their promise.”

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(Photo courtesy: Handout/South China Morning Post)

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