Opioid Diaries: Images of an addiction epidemic in the US

For the first time in its 95-year history, Time magazine devoted an entire issue to photographer James Nachtwey’s work on the opioid crisis in the US. From the report’s digital edition

Over the last year, photographer James Nachtwey set out to document the opioid crisis in America through the people on its front lines. Alongside TIME’s deputy director of photography, Paul Moakley, the pair traveled the country gathering stories from users, families, first responders and others at the heart of the epidemic. Here, Nachtwey’s images are paired with quotes from Moakley’s interviews, which have been edited. The voices are a mix of people in the photos and others who are connected to them. The Opioid Diaries is a visual record of a national emergency—and it demands our urgent attention.

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Picture credit: James Nachtwey/Time

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