TN finds point to earlier evolution of Southasian culture

A group of scientists in Attirampakkam, Tamil Nadu have unearthed artefacts that put the ‘Out of Africa’ theory in jeopardy

"The transition to the Middle Palaeolithic outside Europe and Africa is vital to our understanding of the lives of hominins in Eurasia, and especially the dispersal of anatomically modern humans out of Africa and their subsequent migrations. Only limited evidence has been recovered from India, but Shanti Pappu and colleagues present new data from the archaeological site of Attirampakkam in southern India. Dates from the site suggest that in India the Middle Palaeolithic began around 385,000 years ago, consistent with dates emerging from Europe and Africa, and show that the Middle Palaeolithic transition occurred here much earlier than suggested by conventional ideas regarding the spread of modern humans into southern Asia." -- From an editorial summary in the journal, Nature.

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Photo Courtesy: Sharma Centre for Heritage Education

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