Marx: Compatible with everyday grief, unemployment angst

The essay argues why Karl Marx resonates in our times more than ever, and why many libertarian movements like ‘Occupy’ consider his humanist ideas as a fallback option

"The questions Why now? and Why Marx? are easily answered: capitalism suddenly appeared unstable, unmanageable, dangerously fragile and anxiously threatening. It was possibly in an unstoppable downward spiral, pushing individuals, families, whole nations into penury and subsistence. It also appeared hugely unfair and internally contradictory in very dramatic ways: banks ‘too big to fail’ would get taxpayer bail-outs, recklessness and fraud would go unpunished, the super-rich beneficiaries of oligarchical stitch-ups would maintain their ‘high net worth’. Invocations of risk, competition, ‘free’ markets and rising living standards for all no longer seemed credible. So what were we all to think?" -- From the essay '21st Century Marx' in Aeon.

Read the complete essay here:

Photo Courtesy: Stefan Boness/Panos

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