Layers of time in Parvathi Nayar’s ouvre

The artist creates drawings on pristine white coloured wooden surfaces where every mark becomes a record of the moment

When we look at objects, people and events, we normally tend to see them from one stand point. Parvathi shifts them in her work and entices us to see them from various perspectives. So a viewer's experience of her works becomes a rich mélange of images - images which can be seen with bare eyes mingle with multifarious details that can only be seen through specialised instruments or abstract diagrams documenting the trajectory of line flowing in time and space. This diversity seems natural as she seems to be interested in microscopic, cellular structures as well as macroscopic infinite space and time. Though her works bring together many different kinds of imagery, it is the monochromatic nature of graphite drawings that bring a sense of unity and connectedness. The intricate detailing holds viewers' attention and takes them through a journey of magical connections.

Drawing is seen by many as a preliminary step before going further, but Parvathi enlarges the scope of the humble drawing and converts it into a vehicle of complex ideas. She creates these drawings on pristine white coloured wooden surfaces where every mark becomes a record of the moment, which is in tune with her interest in time and layers of time. Her drawings are not displayed in a conventional manner behind glass and frames but without any barrier, which increases the connection with the viewer. At times, they become a part of larger installations because of which, they start interacting with the space around them and are experienced differently.

Parvathi completed her MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London in 2004, and a BA in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Madras in 1985. She has held solo shows in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta and Singapore. She has been a part of many important curated shows in different parts of the world. She won The Victor Segalan Prix Special du Jury award from The Victor Segalan Foundation, France in 2016. Parvathi lives and works in Chennai.

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