Disruption leads to familiarity in Naveen Kumar’s works

Miniatures, printed sheets and 3D printed sculptures give form to the artist’s oeuvre, largely inspired by his childhood memories

In Naveen Kumar's works, stories from his childhood are narrated in a visual format; here familiar objects get co-opted into a narration of fantasy stories. Many of his works are made out of multiple units. They combine printed sheets from books along with painted images and 3D printed, miniature sculptural pieces. Seen together, they look like pages of a book which have been separated and displayed in a group. Eclectic images from travels in fantasyland dot these pages along with play objects in miniature scale. Because the order of the story, which flows smoothly, has been disrupted, the viewer is forced to weave his own stories around these suggestive assemblages.

Some of his works are based on Kavad, mobile shrines seen in Rajasthan. Naveen uses a similar structure to contain and unfold his stories. Familiar images when combined with other images are seen in a different light. The new context sets off a new series of meanings and what looks like a recreation of childhood stories, becomes an attempt to redefine the familiar.

Naveen Kumar completed his diploma from Ken School of Arts and post-graduate diploma from Bangalore University. His works have been shown in different cities in India and abroad. His solo show Magical Stories from 81 sq ft Studio was recently held in Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore. He lives and works in Bangalore.

Dreams stapled together (3D printed sculpture, pumpkin)
Heaven God (3D printed sculpture, silk screen and acrylic)
Kuttande Kathakal (3D printed sculpture in teak wood)
Made in Gomanta (3D printed sculpture in fiber-glass)
Magical Stories (3D printed sculpture and mixed media on canvas)
Magical Stories (3D printed sculpture - found objects)
Magical Stories (3D print and mixed media on paper pasted on board)
Magical Stories (3D printed sculpture, silk screen and canvas)
Untitled Dreams (Wateercolour, pen and ink drawing)
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