Lokesh Henjarappa uses folk and tribal art to depict urban life 

Henjarappa’s work has an interesting mixture of details from the real world combined with fantasy

The city experience holds interesting imagery for an artist - people, objects, vehicles, buildings, animals and birds. Lokesh Henjarappa looks at them with a curious eye, registering the details. He has picked up many elements from his study of folk and tribal art, and applies them to the depiction of his urban experience. The result is an interesting mixture of details from the real world combined with fantasy. Lines dominate his works; forms filled in with brilliant colours bring a sense of celebration, defying the downside of congested city living.

In his work, an electric pole becomes as lively as a tree. His experience of spending summers in his grandmother’s village brings in the imagery of children playing on a tree. A mask seller appears repeatedly, as if suggesting that people keep changing their appearance. There is a naive approach in building narratives where magical elements defy logical explanation.

Lokesh studied art at the Ken School of Art, Bengaluru. He has exhibited his work at several cities across India and has won the Karnataka State Lalitakala Academy Award. He has been the recipient of the Shenoy Art Foundation Emerging Artist Award in 2017.

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