In a new series, Rajeshwar Rao records changing times and mores 

Rajeshwar Rao’s recent work employs satire, exaggerating the way his subjects dress to show changing mindsets in New India

Rapid urbanization of our cities has resulted in new mindsets and lifestyle tastes. In India, the old and the new jostle for space and make an uneasy pact of coexistence.

Rajeshwar Rao plays the role of a witness to these shifting trends and their myriad facets. Rao recently exhibited a new series of works titled 'Desire us' in Hyderabad. He uses satire in depicting his figures, often exaggerating the clothes and accessories of his subjects as if he was mocking them. In this series he makes a departure from his earlier series of reverse glass paintings and uses inspiration from the traditional Tala-pattachitra tradition of Odisha and paper cutting craft. The monochromatic works are punctured to create breathing spaces and relieve the dense patterns .

Rajeshwar studied art in Hyderabad and lives there. He has had several solo shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. He has also participated in many group and curated shows. His works are in the collections of the well-known Indian art collectors, Chester and Davida Herwitz, and at the Peabody Essex Museum (US).

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